Grandma and Grandpas 60th

Hello and welcome to my eFolio! My name is Michelle Sheehan and I am a senior at Holy Cross College about to finish up my last semester. I am from the north side of Chicago, Illinois, where I live with my mom, Judy; my dad, Michael and my brother, Christopher. I first made my way to Holy Cross College in 2008 when I came in as a transfer student after attending two previous colleges in Chicago. However, I ended up returning home for a year and a half but realized that my heart and soul belonged at Holy Cross and South Bend. I came back in 2010 and could not be any happier with the final outcome. I will be graduating in May of 2012, with a degree in Communications and I hope to either work in marketing or college admissions once I attain my degree.

Since coming back my time has been nothing but exciting, busy and stressful, but also happy and complete. I joined cheerleading for the first time instead of continuing my hobby of theater. In November 2011 I became a Student Ambassador in Holy Cross College admissions. My time at Holy Cross has given me experiences that I would not have had received at any other college. I have gained lasting friendships, a great education, and the tools that I need to advance in my career.